Write Effective Content for Your Addiction Rehab

Addiction rehab centers play an important medical, moral, and social role—yet at the end of the day, most are for-profit businesses, and as such they come with certain bottom-line concerns. Your rehab can’t help people get better unless it can first get those people in the door; in other words, marketing is key. Yet, in the addiction recovery space, marketing comes with some unique challenges.

One of the most daunting problems is content writing. How do you write original content for your rehab that speaks authentically to the problem of addiction, yet also offers the hope of recovery—and prompts the reader to take appropriate action? It can be a difficult balancing act to achieve, but we have some suggestions to help you.

How to Write Compelling Content in the Addiction Recovery Space

Our tips:

Always know your audience.

The first step is to know who you’re writing for, so that you can deliver value that speaks to them. To some extent, we’re talking about basic demographics; if your rehab caters primarily to older people, or to LGBTQ individuals, or to men only, that can shape how you write your content. More to the point, though, it’s smart to remember that, often, you aren’t writing for individual with addiction, but rather to their family members, who may be the ones who encourage them into recovery.

Emphasize headlines.

Your headlines are among the most important pieces of content you’ll write. Why? Because they’re what hook the reader. If your headline doesn’t do its job, your content won’t even get opened, much less read. A good headline will convey value to the reader—remember our standard question: What’s in it for them? Other good headline techniques include asking questions, using numbers/statistics, or promising to teach the reader something with actionable impact.

Write in terms of problems and solutions. 

The content you write for your rehab community should make it clear that you know what the reader is going through. You understand the problem. You get what addiction does to a person, and to a family. Yet, you can’t just wallow in negatives; your content should acknowledge the problem but also point to the solution. Treatment works. Rehab works. Recovery is possible!

Think about common questions.

If you’re stuck on what to write about, one good brainstorming method is to think back over some of the most common questions you get from clients and potential clients. Use your content to demystify some of the rehab process, to educate, and to build confidence. Remember that your content needs to offer real value, and this is a good way to ensure that it does just that.

End with a call to action.

All good marketing content ends with a call to action—an invitation for the reader to take the next step. After you acknowledge the problem, posit a solution, and offer other valuable information, let the reader know to call or email you for more information. Make the next step in the recovery process plain.

Write Content That Makes Your Rehab Shine

To effectively brand and promote your addiction recovery service, you have to do some marketing—and part of that involves writing content. These tips provide you with some basic guidelines for doing so, and doing so effectively.

In the meantime, you can also call us to lean on our content writing expertise. Driven2020 has ample experience working in the recovery space, and we’re around if you want to talk specific strategies. To learn more about brand-enhancing digital marketing for your addiction rehab, contact Driven2020 today!