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Driven2020 Knows Strategy

The role of digital marketing management can and should be diverse. Your digital marketing campaign should bring visitors to your site, expand name recognition for your brand, earn the trust of consumers, and establish the thought leadership of your brand. Most importantly, digital marketing services should drive traffic to your business and boost your bottom line. You should be able to draw an arrow from your marketing efforts to your increase in revenue. That’s how results are measured, and that’s the foundation of our strategy at Driven2020.

Search Engine Optimization
Content Writing
Website Design & Development
Social Media Marketing
Paid Marketing
Marketing Collateral Design
Your Website Is The Foundation

As the foundation of your online marketing, it goes beyond having a great design that represents your brand, but tying all your SEO, Content, Social Media, and digital marketing assets together. Balancing great design for aesthetics and SEO benefit is an act of art and science. A great website requires not only designers and developers, but to work closely with the SEO and content teams to ensure the entire website is set up for success.

  • User Experience focused for ease of use and navigation

  • Funneling users to the correct areas based on goals for conversion

  • Page layout, calls-to-action, and trust signals

  • Mobile-first with SEO-friendly CSS/HTML elements



You Need Great Content

Everyone knows that content is critical for great SEO. It isn’t just a vehicle for online SEO marketing, either; it is also your voice to your audience and helps users understand your value proposition, services and what sets you apart. Ensuring your content is SEO-optimized and well written is no easy task. But our experienced writers can work closely with your team to ensure your message isn’t lost in SEO-optimization.

  • Focusing on your target audience to engage and attract

  • SEO optimized using industry standard techniques without detracting from tone

  • Website content, blog articles, social media, marketing collateral and more

  • Content that balances conversion and authority

Search Marketing To Get Found

We focus only on white hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and staying up-to-date on the best industry standards. Organic SEO and highly-targeted paid marketing initiatives can be a great combination of driving short-term results while continually focusing on long-term sustainability. Our SEO approach is holistic, data-driven and focused on ROI. Let our team start with an audit to find out how well your SEO is performing.

  • We can work with any budget and will maximize results

  • SEO strategy based on data to plan strategy

  • We can supplement organic SEO with hyper-focused paid marketing

  • On-page fixes, optimizations and off-page outreach and optimizations

Search Marketing

Social Media

Social Media To Increase Reach

Businesses that leverage the power of social media properly has a distinct advantage over competitors that don’t. More than likely your targeted audience is consuming content on one of the SM platforms and you should ensure that you are regularly posting. Our team can tie in your SEO online marketing strategy to your social media strategy, and ensure your voice and tone are heard for engagement.

  • More users are influenced by social media before making a decision

  • Create and update social media profiles and images

  • Post on the major platforms to not only tie in SEO, but also to engage

  • Budget-friendly paid campaigns to increase reach and traffic

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