5 Advantages of Paid Facebook Ads

There are numerous ways for your business to use Facebook—and ideally, you’ll use all of them in tandem. There’s a great need to utilize your Facebook page to share content and cultivate an organic fan base; with that said, there’s also great benefit to running paid Facebook ads. It’s only when you unite these two methods that you’re really using Facebook for all its worth.

The good news here is that, when used correctly, the Facebook Ads platform is incredibly valuable—a powerful tool for building your brand and expanding your customer base. You’re not just throwing money into Facebook, but actually investing in the bottom-line success of your company.

Allow us to highlight just a few of the things that make Facebook Ads so beneficial for your digital marketing.

Why Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads Allows You to Target Your Audience with Precision

You might be amazed by just how narrow and specific you can be with your Facebook Ads targeting. It’s not merely that Facebook allows you to target your ads just to women, or specifically to  women between ages 18 and 35, or women who live in your geographic area. You can actually target to moms, to new moms, to moms of preschool kids, to affluent moms, to hip moms, to moms who drive Jeeps—once you dig into the targeting options, you can ensure that you know exactly who’s seeing your ads.

You Can Use Ads for Different Objectives and Goals

Facebook doesn’t just let you pick your audience, but also the ultimate objective of your campaign. Are you looking to get more likes for your Facebook page? More traffic for your website? More engagement with your posts? More conversions in your ecommerce store? You can accomplish all this and more with a Facebook Ads campaign.

You Can Eliminate Risk Through Careful Bidding

Facebook Ads employs a bidding system in which you choose the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for an ad display. You can actually choose an ad type where you only pay when you make a conversion, though—which effectively removes the risk that your ads just “won’t work.” When used properly, Facebook Ads allows you to protect yourself from waste.

There Are Advanced Analytic Options

There’s an old saying in marketing—that marketing without data is like flying blind. Well, you never have to fly blind with your Facebook Ads, because the platform allows you plenty of opportunities to get reports and metrics. You can figure out what’s working and what’s not, and hone your ad campaign accordingly.

You Can Use Facebook for Remarketing, Too

This one will require a bit of technical know-how—or the guidance of an online marketing firm like Driven2020—but basically, you can use Facebook to reach out to people who have already visited your website and considered buying a product. You can set up ads to follow them across the Facebook network, keeping your brand in the forefront of their minds as they weigh purchasing decisions. This is a powerful way to guide potential customers through the buying process.

Use Facebook—But Use It Strategically

Facebook comes packed with so many advertising options, it may seem overwhelming at first—and that’s the one big downside. But don’t worry. You can take advantage of all these benefits by reaching out to Driven2020.

We’d love to talk with you about social media, paid ads, and any other marketing needs you may have. Ad
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