A Guide to Facebook Ad Objectives

When you begin a Facebook Ads campaign, you’ll face a number of important decisions. One of the most important of all is the decision you make about your objective. That’s because the ad objective you choose determines so many other aspects of your campaign, including the way you bid, the way your campaign is optimized, and more.

The problem is, choosing your ad objective can be rather daunting. There are more than a dozen options provided by Facebook, and there isn’t a lot of detail provided to help you pick one over the others.

There’s actually quite a bit that could be said about each of the available ad objectives. But in today’s post we just want to provide an overview; hopefully, this will help you narrow down your options and make better sense of which ad objective is right for your campaign.

About Facebook’s Ad Objectives

Here’s the rundown.

  1. Store Traffic. The Store Traffic objective is mostly for chains. If you want to drive traffic for a chain of stores or to help your end-user connect with a specific location that’s closest to them, then this is probably the best option for you to choose.
  2. Reach. When you choose this objective, you’re optimizing your campaign to get as many people as possible to see your ads, and for those people to see your ads as many times as possible. In other words, it’s all about exposure.
  3. Brand Awareness. If you’re looking to increase brand recall, pick this option, which signals to Facebook that you want them to show your ads to people that will be more likely to remember you.
  4. Traffic. This one’s among the most self-explanatory objectives. Simply put, it’s what you should pick if you’re looking to get as much traffic as possible for your website or your app.
  5. Engagement. This one’s all about encouraging people to engage with your content in some way, such as liking and/or commenting. If you’re looking to amass social proof for your product or service, this is a good one to think about.
  6. Lead Generation. Useful at any point in the sales funnel, the Lead Generation objective is highly versatile; among other things, you can ask for customer email addresses to start building up your subscriber list.
  7. Video Views. Another self-explanatory ad objective, this one is good for any campaign that hinges on video content.
  8. Messenger. Are your leads likely to have questions or need certain pieces of information before they make their purchasing decision? If so, you might consider this objective, which encourages your end-user to reach out to your company via Messenger.
  9. Catalog Sales. For eCommerce vendors that have catalogs attached to their business manager, this objective can be a helpful option.
  10. Conversions. This is probably the most popular objective because after all, conversions are what this whole process is ultimately about! Be warned, however, that this is mostly useful for bottom-of-funnel scenarios when your leads are just about ready to convert.
  11. Event Response. If you want to get Facebook users to RSVP to an event, this is the objective for you.
  12. Page Likes. Just looking to get more Facebook users to LIKE your page? Here’s how you do it!
  13. App Install. Finally, if you have an app that you want users to install on their device, here’s an objective that’s just right for your goals!

Find Out More About Facebook Ads

As you can tell, there’s a lot to think about as you start optimizing your Facebook Ads campaign. If you have further questions or want to talk to a Facebook Ads expert one-on-one, reach out to Driven2020 at your earliest convenience! Don’t miss out on what Facebook Ads can do for your business.