How Well Do You Know RankBrain?

What makes a website successful on the Google search engine results page? Sadly, there is no single factor we can point to. On the contrary, Google’s search algorithms take into account a wide range of considerations, or ranking factors, which come with varying degrees of significance attached to them.

One such ranking factor is called RankBrain. It’s one of the important ones. In fact, Google has stated that RankBrain is among the top three most influential ranking factors! As such, SEO success depends on properly understanding what RankBrain is, and how you can use it advantageously. We’ll cover these points in this blog post.

What is RankBrain?

To begin with, let’s clarify the term. RankBrain is basically a robot. No, really. It’s a form of artificial intelligence, used by Google to process search queries and determine which pages are most relevant/reflective of the search intent. Basically, RankBrain represents Google’s efforts to leverage machine learning to provide search engine users with high-quality search results.

RankBrain’s function is to interpret the user’s query and determine exactly what sort of information they are looking for—and as such, appealing to RankBrain means creating content that will truly connect with search engine users and address their interests or concerns.

Content and RankBrain

As for practical SEO tips, what we recommend most basically is developing content that aids in RankBrain’s understanding. Some ways to do this include:

  • Ensuring that all pieces of content have a clear purpose—a single message or aim, a reason why the content was created in the first place. If you cannot easily identify the purpose of your content, odds are RankBrain can’t, either.

  • Producing content that offers a depth of information, including possible access to external websites and links that might further assist readers looking to deepen their understanding of the subject.

  • Shifting your attention away from keyword focus and toward topic focus—that is, writing in clear, straightforward language to engage your audience and provide them with relevant, on-topic value.

Avoid This One Big RankBrain Mistake

Here we will make mention of the single biggest mistake that content marketers make when trying to appeal to RankBrain—and that is, well, writing for RankBrain. Remember that the whole purpose here is to provide users with relevant information—and if you write with them in mind, that’s really the best way to make sure RankBrain is on board, as well.


The Implications of RankBrain


There are a number of takeaways from all this, the first being simply this: It’s important to know your target audience. When you understand what they’re looking for—what their pain points are—you can not only speak to them more directly, but also create content that meets RankBrain’s threshold of focus and specificity. (Buyer personas are invaluable here.)


As you wonder how to make content that’s fully optimized for RankBrain, then, don’t get caught up in the nuts and bolts. Instead, ask yourself these questions: Who is your content for? And, why might it be of benefit to them? These are the questions that really matter as you shape your content to fit within Google’s AI paradigm.


Get Help with SEO


Of course, RankBrain remains just one factor among many—and juggling these different ranking signals is one of the most daunting aspects of SEO. But you don’t have to do it alone. Driven2020 is here to provide growth-driven marketing services, including site optimization.


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