Top Marketing Goals All Law Firms Should Focus on in 2019

Goal-setting is square one for any successful marketing campaign. There’s a simple reason for that: You can’t declare success until you first define what success actually is. For law firms, this means setting some clear, measurable, and attainable goals, then creating a marketing plan to help reach those goals.

As you think about the way you’re going to spend your firm’s marketing budget in the year to come, start at the beginning: Choose worthy goals that will help you to use those resources effectively. Here are some of the most valuable goals your firm can reach for in 2019 and beyond.

Thought Leadership

Legal services aren’t like consumer products, where the cheapest and most convenient option tend to reign supreme. When people hire a lawyer, they’re usually not looking to cut corners; instead, they want legal expertise they can truly depend on.

As such, there’s real value in establishing your firm’s thought leadership, casting your attorneys as seasoned experts within their field. That’s something a good marketing campaign can help you with. Whether it’s through blogging or via Webinars, you can use informative content to showcase just how much you know.

Local Search Presence

When local people or business owners need a lawyer, the first place they’re likely to turn is Google. A quick search will show them all the firms in their area—and if your practice isn’t on the short list, it might as well be invisible.


It’s simply never been more critical to have a prominent placement in local search results, and a solid website, combined with ongoing SEO efforts, can get your firm the localized visibility it needs to succeed. Aim for better rankings in the coming year!

Client Loyalty

Client loyalty is a big one. If the people you serve feel a sense of allegiance to your company—or just to you personally—then you’re much likelier to win their repeat business, as well as referrals. In fact, you may even see loyal clients turn into evangelists for your law firm.

There are a number of metrics you might use to measure loyalty to your law firm—ranging from social media engagement to the size of your email subscription list. These metrics also highlight the sheer number of tools available to you as you seek to cultivate a more loyal client base.

Online Reviews

Believe it or not, the reviews your firm gets on Facebook and Google really matter. As potential clients research your firm or your attorneys, they’re going to take this feedback seriously. What’s more, reviews are important SEO ranking signals—so the more reviews you have, the more it helps you get that local search dominance.

We highly recommend a proactive approach to online reviews. Don’t just wait for them to happen; actively seek them out, asking your satisfied clients to kindly leave you a word or two of appraisal.


We mentioned referrals before, but it’s worth highlighting again here; after all, this is how many law firms get the bulk of their clients.

Do your marketing efforts coax clients to send you referrals? There are a number of ways you could make this happen—through entreaties in your email newsletter, through the encouragement of social media shares, and so on. Certainly, it’s a worthy goal for your law firm to pursue.

Indeed, all of these are goals worth taking seriously as we enter a new year, and as your law firm regroups around its marketing efforts. As you consider the ideal alignment of goals and methodologies, we hope you’ll loop us into the conversation. Reach out to the legal marketing experts at Driven2020 and let’s talk!