Local SEO for Law Firms: A Checklist

Chances are, yours isn’t the only law firm in your town. Whether you live in a major metropolitan area or in a small suburb, you have competition from other attorneys who practice in roughly the same field as your own. And that, in a nutshell, is why law firms must focus on local search engine optimization (SEO).

Here’s the bottom line: When people in your area need a lawyer, they’re as likely as not to turn to Google to help find one. Google will provide a list of local law offices, and it’s from that list that the consumer will make their decision—not from the Yellow Pages or from Interstate billboards, but from the Google SERP.

It is, in a word, vital for you to be on that list. And that’s what local SEO is all about.

But what can law firms do to ensure strong local search visibility? That’s a big question, and ultimately an integrative digital marketing approach is recommended. We encourage you to call Driven2020 to learn more about what that might look like for your firm.

For now, here is a quick checklist—five things every firm should do to ensure strong local SEO presence.

Local SEO for Your Law Firm

Think in Terms of Keywords

How will locals be searching for law firms? What search terms will they be using? In a town with just a couple of law offices, it might be something general—like “best local law firm.” But if you need to stand out in a more cluttered field, something specific—“estate planning services” or “criminal defense lawyer,” for example—may be necessary. We recommend using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to locate some good, relevant keywords; make a list of them, and use those to anchor the rest of your campaign. (You can start by working a few of these keywords into blog posts, your website’s FAQ page, etc.)

Start a Google My Business Page

It’s both free and easy to create a page on Google My Business. Make sure to fill it out with all your relevant contact information, including address and phone number with a local area code. Note that Google will also give you the chance to categorize your firm—for instance, Divorce Lawyer, or Immigration Attorney—and we recommend doing so.

Optimize Your Firm’s Website

Ensure that it has some keywords naturally incorporated throughout, and that your name, address, and phone number are listed all over the page—ideally on every page. Also use keywords in your meta description, and ensure that your written content is substantive and value-adding—not just a bunch of salesy gobbledygook.

Get Local Citations

Seek out mentions (and links) from the local Chamber of Commerce, from law-related directories, and any other local listing services. Make sure you provide consistent contact information!

Earn Good Reviews

Local reviews are critical, and in particular Google reviews. Seek positive feedback from your best, most faithful clients, and provide new clients with an easy way to leave you feedback. It is often wise to include a link to your Google reviews on the firm website, within your email signature, etc.

Develop a Plan for Local SEO

We hope this checklist is helpful, but remember that it’s not the same thing as a full-fledged plan. For that, we recommend you speak with an SEO expert at Driven2020. We can show you how to get real results—i.e. how to get your law firm discovered by the locals. Reach out to us today to learn more about local SEO for your law firm.