How Lawyers Can Get Better Online Reviews

Ask the average attorney where their clients come from, and you’re likely to get this answer: word of mouth. Indeed, attorneys thrive not necessarily on the basis of billboard ads or radio spots, but on the basis of referrals from actual clients.

What clients think of your firm matters—especially when they articulate it in the form of online reviews. These online reviews play a huge role in dictating word of mouth buzz, and they wield enormous influence over consumer purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, they are key SEO signals, which means no law firm can afford to ignore them.

Of course, in an ideal world, you’d have a lot of really good reviews—but that’s not always the case. The question is, what practical steps can attorneys take to ensure that they do get reviews—and that those reviews are positive?

How to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Firm

There are a few proven strategies we can recommend.

Be aware of which online reviews matter to your firm. Do a quick Google search for the name of your firm, and possibly for the name of your firm plus the word “reviews.” You’ll likely see some Google reviews, but do you have reviews on any other sites? These are the sites you’ll want to focus on.

Make it easy for clients to leave you reviews. It’s always good to make it clear that you covet good reviews, and to provide an easy way for people to leave them. Some firms actually put links to their reviews sites on their practice website—and that’s not a bad idea at all! You can also put review site links in email signatures, on social media sites, and on any online invoices you send.

Ask for good reviews. You probably have a list of faithful clients who have used your services for a long time, and who you know to be satisfied customers. Reach out to these folks in personal emails, and let them know just how much positive reviews matter to you. Be candid in requesting a moment of their time for some honest feedback, and stress the importance of five-star ratings. Don’t forget to give them the link!

Print out your good reviews. When you get really strong ones, make print-outs, and distribute them to new clients you’re interviewing. This makes it clear from the very start of your relationship that you truly value what your clients think of your firm.

Monitor and respond to reviews. Get into a daily routine of checking for new reviews. If you get positive ones, take a moment to express your sincere thanks. If you get negative ones, thank the person for their honesty and try to address the situation as best you can. View it as an opportunity to offer real customer service.

Don’t even think about buying reviews. Nothing good will come of cheating the system with purchased reviews. This is an SEO trick that is thankfully going out of style, and we’d recommend not going down that road at all.

Marketing for Your Law Firm

Reviews matter a great deal, though of course, they represent just one aspect of integrative digital marketing. We encourage your firm to take them seriously, but also to be mindful of other important digital channels—ideally putting together a holistic approach.

Our team can help. Driven2020 offers results-based, data-driven marketing, and we have a lot of experience working with attorneys. We invite you to learn more about marketing for your law firm. Reach out to the Driven2020 team today to begin that important conversation.