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What Kind of Content Do You Need to Boost Traffic?

Marketers create content for different reasons, but one of the primary ones is to boost traffic—either through organic search or social media. Getting visitors to your page isn’t the only meaningful marketing metric, but it’s certainly a crucial one—and it’s all but impossible without the right kind of content.

But not all content is created equal, and some types of content have proven themselves remarkably effective at generating traffic. As you plan your own Web content, here are a few traffic-magnet content types to consider.

Content That Brings in Traffic


The tried-and-true list is always a good way to format content. Something about the structure of a list appeals to the human brain; it’s easy to skim a list and glean valuable insights from it. A list of specific apps, tools, resources, etc. is an especially effective form of content.


A well-run webinar, one that considers a truly relevant topic, can accomplish a lot of things at once. It can demonstrate your expertise. It can posit your brand as a solution to customer problems. And, it can bring in a lot of traffic—and not just traffic, but real leads, too. Running a webinar takes effort, but can be amply worthwhile.


Podcasts have a lot of the same benefits as webinars, and like webinars, they take some work to pull off. A good podcast can help you bring in a lot of curious listeners, though, some of whom may even subscribe to future ‘casts.


You’ve probably seen roundup articles on the Web—articles wherein a number of experts each weigh in on a specific topic. Because you’re inviting other thought leaders to participate, you’re likely to get a boost from their own traffic sources, which makes roundup content effective. Just using a simple email survey, you can try to get feedback from your peers, then format it into a treasure trove of expert information.


Interviews with industry experts work for much the same reason that round-ups do—not only are you demonstrating your status within your field, but you can leverage the traffic-generating channels of the person you interview. Plus, most industry experts are flattered when you request to interview them—so it could lead to a positive, long-term relationship.


An ebook alone may not be enough to generate traffic—but if you can position it as something truly valuable, and promote it well through social media and your company email list, a good ebook can certainly bring in visitors.

Product Reviews

Consumers use the Web to research their purchasing decisions, and product reviews are always a hit. You might consider reviewing products that are related to your industry—weighing in on the pros and cons of each, from your vantage point of industry expertise.


Finally, if you’re able to produce some original research—even survey results—that say something about your industry or niche, that can certainly draw some eyeballs. Original research isn’t something you can put together overnight, but it can be well worth the time and effort required.

Develop Content That Brings in Traffic

This list is by no means exhaustive. Truthfully, there are a lot of creative ways to generate traffic. The key is finding the one that makes the most sense for your business.

That’s something Driven2020 can help you with. We’re old pros at using content as the centerpiece of an immersive marketing campaign; we can show you how great content works within the big picture. Let’s start that conversation today. Give Driven2020 a call at your next convenience!