Get Efficient with Your Content Marketing

Most small business owners are aware that digital marketing matters, yet some are hesitant to embrace it. The reasons are many: Lack of resources, uncertainty over how to proceed, misgivings about how practically effective digital marketing can really be. The one we hear most often, though, is lack of time. Simply put, many small business owners avoid starting a blog or an Instagram page because they are concerned it will eat into their schedule too much.

This is one reason to outsource marketing to an agency like Driven2020, frankly. Even if you’re not yet ready to take that step, there are some smart ways to make your marketing efforts a little more efficient and impactful.

Save Time in Your Content Marketing

Here are a few of our top suggestions, in no particular order.

Always have a content plan. You’ll spin your wheels less—and be more confident and decisive in your marketing decisions—if you have an overarching content marketing plan. What are your goals? What metrics will you be looking at? How will you know when your marketing has been successful? Get all these things in writing, and use that plan to guide your efforts.

Have a good sense of your audience. Again, if you want to be committed and decisive, know the people you’re addressing through your content marketing. Buyer personas are invaluable here. Keep them up to date, and consult them often to remind yourself who you’re creating content for.

Don’t multitask. Study after study confirms that multitasking is counterproductive. Focus on one task—writing a blog, collecting articles for social media, responding to comments on Facebook—but don’t try to do all of them at once.

Keep a list of ideas handy. Using an app like Evernote, collect blog ideas any time and any place you encounter them. That way, when you sit down to pen new content, you won’t have to worry about writer’s block. You’ll have a topic all ready to go!

Outline. Before launching into a new blog post, write an outline, specifying the major points you want to make. This may seem like an added step, but it can actually save you time in the long run, minimizing the risk that you’ll have to retool a piece of content because you lose your way halfway through it.

Recycle old content. Always be mindful of old content that still has some life in it. Convert old blog posts into marketing emails or Facebook updates. Turn your website FAQ page into a blog post of its own. Consistently look for ways to reuse older ideas.

Use automation tools. Hootsuite and similar platforms will allow you to schedule a whole batch of social media updates in one sitting, preventing you from having to do it on the fly throughout the week. Use these tools to your advantage.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Remember that your business doesn’t have to be active on every online platform, and in fact it’s usually smartest to narrow your focus to just a few. Think about both your goals and your audience, do some research, and determine which platforms will really help you complete your mission.

It’s OK to Ask for Help

You can be efficient in your content marketing time, but remember that a team like Driven2020 can take it off your plate altogether—providing you with demonstrable results along the way.

That’s what our growth-driven approach is all about. To learn more about partnering with us, contact Driven2020 today. We’d love to talk about how we can take over your marketing endeavors!