Get More Bang for Your Content Marketing Buck

Many a list has been written detailing the benefits of content marketing. For instance, you’ve probably heard that content marketing establishes thought leadership. It can cultivate trust, and position your brand as an authority. It’s valuable search engine fodder, and it also assists with online reputation management.

These points are all totally true, yet they don’t quite capture the underlying reality of content marketing—which is that it offers a tremendous return on investment, in concrete, bottom-line terms. This is especially true when you approach your content marketing efforts strategically.

Why Content Marketing Offers Big ROI

What makes content marketing so beneficial, from an ROI perspective? Here are some points to consider:

  • The cost of content marketing is generally quite low. It may take you some time to write a blog post, but you don’t have to pay a lot of money to place it—unlike, say, PPC ads.
  • Good content is evergreen, or at least long-lasting. A blog post you write today can still be useful in a year’s time, both as social media fodder and as a valuable SEO asset.
  • Content marketing compounds, too; if you maintain a regular blogging schedule, you can really develop a broad online presence.

Clearly, the investment you make in content marketing can pay off—and in fact, there are some important steps you can take to really stretch your content marketing efforts.

Get More from Your Content Marketing

Here are just a few strategies to consider:

  • Create content to serve multiple needs. A blog post can also provide you with some content for your email newsletter; you might also break out some of your more quotable bullet points into tweets, or expand a good blog post into a downloadable white paper.
  • Keep our content evergreen. Posts written about timeless topics will generally prove more durable and more impactful than posts that are “trendy” in nature.
  • Consider outsourcing your content production to a professional marketing team or writing company. Yes, this will make costs go up, but it can also ensure your content is lean, effective, well-polished, and strategically written to convert.
  • Work in alignment with your sales team. Ask them about some of the key concerns of questions they get, and write content that’s designed to address those issues and educate your buyers.
  • Be relentless in content promotion. Writing a blog post is not enough! You’ve also got to make sure it gets read. A good way to do that is through social media—and don’t forget your email newsletter!
  • Run each piece of content you create past your SEO team. Make sure that your blog posts are optimized to be discovered by search engine users.
  • Revisit your old content—especially content that got a lot of traction. Recycle old posts or write follow-ups to them. Milk those posts for all they’re worth!

With these strategies, you can position your content for maximum effect—and maximum value.

Take Your Content Efforts to the Next Level

Of course, content marketing works best when it’s synced up with your other marketing arms—SEO, PPC, and beyond. That’s something that requires a big-picture view, and wide expertise.

Driven2020 can deliver it. We develop marketing campaigns that combine the best strategies into a seamless whole—and we execute them efficiently, always using data to guide us. We’d love to talk with you about how you can get more out of your content campaign. To start the conversation, reach out to the team here at Driven2020 today!

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