Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

There are several things that make marketing a plastic surgery practice rather tricky. One is that the field is ever more competitive, with cosmetic surgeons constantly expanding the value they can offer. Additionally, it’s a field with a fairly lengthy sales cycle; typically, a consumer will research and ponder their decision for months before finally committing to plastic surgery with a given practice.

What, then, can plastic surgeons do to market themselves effectively—not just distinguishing themselves from their competition, but doing so in a way that nurtures the consumer through the sales cycle and to a point of ultimate decision?

The best approach is to lay out a comprehensive digital marketing strategy; we encourage you to contact Driven2020 to begin that process. For now, here are a few basic considerations for those looking to market their cosmetic surgery business.

Marketing Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice: Tips and Strategies

It All Starts with a Website

Your website is the most important digital asset you have—a centralized hub for information about your practice and (more importantly) the value it brings to consumers. Make sure your website states this value proposition clearly, using simple and concise text, enriched by images and videos. Always think in terms of, what’s in it for the reader?

Start a Google My Business Account

It’s free and easy to start a page with Google My Business, and doing so will greatly improve your local SEO standings (including display in the Google Map). Make sure your account includes your full practice name, phone number, and address, plus hours of operation and other important points about the business.

Do Some Video Marketing

A simple introduction video, providing a warm and friendly welcome to your practice, can be a powerful way to connect with potential clients—and that, in turn, can help those clients feel more comfortable with you than with your competition.

What About Your Reputation?

When it comes to plastic surgery, trust is huge. Clients need to feel like they can have total confidence in you. There are several ways to build that trust; we recommend creating testimonial videos and also gathering positive reviews. Send an email to your best, most satisfied clients and ask them to take just a minute to give you a five-star rating and some positive feedback on Google.

Do Targeted Advertising 

You don’t necessarily want to take a blunt, sledgehammer approach to advertising; rather, you want to hone your message to those who are really in the market for plastic surgery. There are different tools for doing this, but one we really recommend is Facebook Ads. Here you can target to women vs. men, focus on a specific age range, zero in in those in a particular income class, etc. You can even base ads on those who go to spas and manicure salons regularly.


One more thing you can do within Facebook Ads: Create ads that essentially “follow” people who have visited your website in the past—a great way to gently nudge those people who are still weighing their plastic surgery decision, and to ultimately capture more leads.

Move Forward with Your Digital Marketing

For plastic surgeons, every ad dollar can be critical. That’s why we ultimately recommend bringing all these steps together into a focused, holistic marketing plan.

We can help you develop and implement this plan. Driven2020 works with many plastic surgeons, and we know what it takes to get real results. We invite you to consult with us today about integrated digital marketing for plastic surgeons. Start the process by calling the Driven2020 team right away.