Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

Social media success isn’t defined purely by the number of fans, followers, or “likes” you have. While these numbers are not meaningless, neither are they definitive signs of a successful campaign. What really matters, in the end, is whether or not you’re moving the needle on your bottom line—that is, whether your social media efforts translate into paying customers, increased sales, and greater brand visibility.

To that end, we’d say that followers in and of themselves aren’t nearly as important as loyalty—and that’s something social media can generate, though it’s going to take a lot of effort.

Why Customer Loyalty Matters

Before we get to the how-to part of the blog, though, let’s pause to reflect on what loyalty really means for your business.

One reason to pursue brand loyalty is that it provides you with a level of protection against your competition. Remember that your customers have many options at their disposal, but loyalty to your brand keeps them from jumping ship.

Loyalty can also manifest as social media amplification; the loyal customer is going to be much more likely to trumpet your brand via Facebook and Twitter, to share your content, etc.

Fostering Loyalty Through Social Media

There are some significant benefits to developing loyalty through your social media marketing—but the question is how.

Here are a few of our top suggestions.

Focus on value. You’re not going to win anyone’s favor or trust simply by flogging your sales pitch over and over. Rather than advertising to your social media followers, make sure you’re engaging them with content that adds value to their life. Help them. Answer their questions. Educate them. Always ask, before posting content, what’s in it for our readers?

Be consistent. You’re not going to get very far in social media marketing if you only post to your Facebook page once a year, or if your Twitter activity is scattered and unpredictable. Use an editorial calendar to make sure you are sharing new content to each of your social media platforms on a regular basis.

Be social. This is social media we’re talking about, after all, so remember to not just talk at your followers. Talk with them, too. Respond to any questions or comments they leave. Make yourself available, and show that you are more than willing to engage with your customers and social media fans when they have issues arise.

Provide exclusives. Your Facebook followers should be able to get something that nobody else has access to, and likewise with your followers on other social media channels. Bonus content, exclusive features, or even special discounts for your social media followers can really go a long way!

Maintain your quality standards. Don’t share articles that are poorly written, and make sure your own posts are properly proofed. Even on social media, typos can cause your brand to look unprofessional, while links to shady websites will undermine your authority.

Stay on topic. To maintain the trust and loyalty of your customers, it’s imperative that you remain on-message. If someone follows your Twitter account to get information on small business accounting, you don’t want to start flooding your page with soccer scores or movie reviews. That can be truly off-putting to your followers.

Get Results Through Social Media Marketing

To learn more about the ways in which social media can actually generate bottom-line results for your brand, we encourage you to reach out to Driven2020 today. We’d love to walk you through our growth-centered approach. Connect with the integrated marketing professionals at Driven2020 at your next convenience!