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Pay-per-click advertising is a non-negotiable for any business looking to establish strong search engine visibility and to boost online conversions. You can’t simply rely on organic search, though a strong SEO component is certainly necessary. It only works when you pair it with PPC, canvassing the SERP and establishing brand awareness throughout the buyer journey.

Running a PPC campaign is not a passive thing, though; you’ll need to check in, review your campaign, and revise is regularly. Thankfully, there are apps that make it easy to do so from anywhere in the world. Here are a few that we recommend.

The Best PPC Management Apps

AdWords and AdWords Express

Our list has to start with these two apps. Given that AdWords is far and away the most popular PPC channel, the official app is a no-brainer. (The slightly pared-down Express version can also be helpful.) These apps will allow you to:

  • Monitor your click-through rate and discover how people are interacting with your ads—real-time analytics!
  • Update your bids and your budgets.
  • Immediately implement any strategies you think of, based on your analytics and real-time alerts.
  • Reach out to a Google expert with any troubleshooting needs.

Bing Ads

Though Google monopolizes the PPC conversation, don’t forget about Bing Ads, which can also be an effective place to promote your brand. Bing Ads allows you to:

  • View visual account metrics, similar to what you’ll find in AdWords.
  • Update your bids and your budgets.
  • Reach out to Bing support experts with any troubleshooting needs.

Google Analytics

Are you using PPC ads to drive traffic to a website? The answer is probably yes, and if so, you definitely want to have the Google Analytics app, which will allow you to view layer upon layer of data about your campaign. Specifically, Google Analytics will furnish you with trends and reporting on:

  • Your keywords.
  • Your search queries.
  • Display targeting.

… and plenty more besides! You can even customize it to ensure that the app only shows you the reports you care about. The bottom line: This is a powerful tool for staying informed, and for really digging into your campaign results.

Various Collaborative/Reporting Apps

Along the same lines, there are a number of apps you can use to easily transmit information and collaborate on your campaign, whether with your marketing company or with other members of your team. A few to consider:

  • Microsoft Excel, which is invaluable for viewing data from your mobile.
  • Google Sheets, another good tool for reviewing account data.
  • Google Docs, which will facilitate easy file sharing and collaboration.
  • Google Drive, a must for organizing and storing your team’s data.
  • Dropbox, a noteworthy alternative to Google Drive.

CRM Apps

Finally, note that acquiring customers through PPC is just the first step in the journey. From there, you need to actively maintain those important client relationships. There are a couple of good apps to recommend here:

  • Zoho CRM, which helps you manage leads and personalize customer relations.
  • MailChimp, which can help you integrate PPC and email marketing.

Go Beyond PPC Apps

While good apps can make PPC easier and more effective, they’re no replacement for a robust marketing strategy, executed by seasoned pros. That’s where we come in.

Driven2020 takes a data-driven approach to online marketing, and that includes PPC. We can leverage paid ads to get results on your company’s behalf, and we can handle all the administrative stuff for you. Sound good? Reach out to us to learn more. Contact Driven2020 today.

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