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Agency For Agencies

Want to drive more traffic for your clients? Utilize our white-label services to grow your agency. We are US-based and driven to succeed.

    How Can We PARTNER With You?

    White Label Services

    SEO Services

    SEO services to drive targeted traffic to your clients' website and ultimately convert.

    Content Writing

    Content not only communicates your clients' value proposition, but is also vital for SEO.

    Social Media

    We work on your clients' behalf to reach their audience on social media and tie into SEO

    Website Maintenance

    Your clients prefer to have your agency make regular updates and fixes to their website

    Beyond Outsourcing: We're Your Partner

    No matter if you want to outsource some or all of your projects, make sure you are working with a partner that can make the process seamless, cost-effective, and ultimately successful. Driven2020 understands the needs of agencies and take our role very seriously, handling your clients’ projects as if they were our own.

    US Based

    No need to worry about odd time zones or language barriers

    Single Point

    You work with a single point of contact to centralize & manage your projects

    Project Management

    We manage all projects via Wrike so you can rest assured deadlines are met

    Progress Updates

    Transparency & communication is key in a partnership and we will keep you updated

    White Label SEO

    Driven2020 can handle all aspects of you the SEO for your clients. You can choose to have us focus on one area of SEO or handle the entire range of work to improve SEO and drive more traffic for your clients.

    Monthly Audit & Fixes

    Let's face it, most agencies would rather focus on higher level SEO strategies than fixing SEO errors & warnings reported by Google Search Console or SEMRush. Fixing these can make a big impact and we can take care of this for you.

    Foundation SEO

    Making sure the foundation of your clients' SEO is setup properly is key to your overall strategy. Keyword research, competitor analysis, site structure, & more becomes the blueprint of your SEO. Let us lay the ground work.

    SEO Optimization

    Content is king, but SEO-optimized content is even better. From meta data, keyword placement, word count, structured data, internal linking, semantic keywords. Pageload optimization is also an important focus for us.

    We're Ready For Your Client's SEO

    Are you frustrated trying to outsource? Prices too high? Unreliable service? Poor communication? Then you’ll definitely want to chat with us today.

    • US-based -- Pacific Time Zone

    • Cost less than near-shore

    • More efficient than off-shore

    • Flexible monthly pricing

    • Long-term business relationship

    Which Agency Are You?

    Whether you’re an SEO agency and want to outsource Monthly Audits and Fixes, or you’re a growing Digital Marketing agency that needs to expand SEO, or you would like to add SEO as a service, let Driven2020 show you how.

    • All services under 1 roof, but need to grow

      Digital Marketing Agency

      PROFILE: Your clients love that you offer all services under 1 roof, but your single SEO person is trying to juggle several clients and clients are not seeing solid results. GOAL: Increase SEO bandwidth without hiring in-house.

    • Content is king, but no traffic

      Content Writing Agency

      PROFILE: you write great content capturing the right tone and message but your clients need SEO to drive traffic. GOAL: start offering SEO so your clients can keep services with your firm and increase your cash-flow.

    • Great looking websites, now what?

      Creative Agency

      PROFILE: you build bold and beautiful websites. Branding & user-experience is your specialty. GOAL: once the website project is complete how do you move clients into monthly subscriptions?

    • Engaging & growing, is it linked with SEO strategies

      Social Media Agency

      PROFILE: You create engaging content with great reach on social platforms that's steadily growing, but how do you tie in to your website SEO? GOAL: increase monthly income by adding technical and on-page optimizations that your posts can link to.

    Message From The Founders

    When we created Driven2020 we remembered many of the pain points we experienced in previous agencies  when it came to resource planning, project management, and scalability. We know it’s a balancing act of cash flow versus expenses, hiring in-house versus contracting, custom work versus templates. We understand these challenges and believe that you can achieve your goals of having a long-term business that can weather the ups and downs of agency life by working with the right team.

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    Moe McLeod

    Co-founder & CEO

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    Janine Friberg

    Co-founder & COO

    Reasons to Partner with Driven2020

    Outsource Some or All

    We can handle part or all of your SEO, Content Writing or Social Media needs

    Your Clients, Our Care

    We work on your clients' projects as they were our own

    Driven By Data

    We work based on data and will show results for your clients

    We Love To Communicate

    You will know what's going on, so your clients will know what's going on

    We Value Your Business

    We don't lock you into long-term agreements, so we have to prove ourselves

    Outsource Packages

    Driven2020 makes it easy to outsource to. We don’t force you into over-priced packages.

    SEO Package

    Minimum 15 Hours Month

    • Monthly Audit

    • Fix Errors & Warnings

    • SEO Foundation

    • On-page Optimization

    • Content Strategies

    • Backlink Outreach

    Content Package

    Monthly or Project-Based

    • Website Content

    • Blog Articles

    • Write From Scratch

    • Rewrite Existing

    • Marketing Collateral

    • Bios and Profiles

    Social Package

    Flexible Posting Schedule

    • Syndicated Posts

    • Curated Posts

    • Topics & Scheduling

    • Ties Into SEO

    • Campaign Promotion

    • Brand Awareness

    Custom Package

    Popular Packages

    • 20 Hours SEO

    • + 5 Web Pages

    • + Social Media

    • Blogs + Social Media

    • Social Media + Content

    • Mix and Match

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does Pricing Work?

    • SEO is a flat-rate hourly price per month for all of our SEO services. We don’t have different pricing based on the type of SEO work. No matter if your clients need SEO fixes, on-page optimizations, back-link outreach, SEO outlines for content writing, etc.

    • For example if you go with 20 hours a month for your client, our team will apply those hours based on the monthly audit and strategy.

    • Content Writing is based on word count or on monthly package. For example your client may need 4 blogs a month with 600 words.

    • Social Media is a monthly package based on how many times we post a day and how many days a week.

    Do You Offer Packages?

    • We make it very flexible for you to put together packages for your clients’ needs every month.

    • You have the option of working with us on a single service or multiple services on a monthly basis.

    • For example you may opt for 25 hours for SEO + 4 Blogs Content (600 words each) + 2 Website Content (1,000 words each)

    What Are The Minimum Requirements?

    • We keep our minimum requirements as low as possible to make it as easy as possible for you to partner with Driven2020. SEO monthly minimum is 15 hours.

    • We believe this will allow us to do effective work on your clients’ behalf. Those 15 hours can be utilized towards any of the SEO services we offer.

    • Content Writing has a minimum of 80 words for summaries.

    • For blogs and content pages 300 words are the minimum.

    • Social Media posting minimum is 2 times per week.

    What Are Some of Your Processes?

    • As an extension of your team we want to make sure our processes are streamlined and efficient for you.

    • Communications: you will work with a single point of contact who will manage your clients’ accounts and work with the production team. They are available via phone, email and Skype during business hours (Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm PST).

    • Project Management: to ensure your clients’ work and projects are being completed and on time, all projects are managed via Wrike.

    • Turnaround Times: we strive to complete work within a reasonable amount of time. Upon working with Driven2020, we will provide a list of our standard turnaround times.

    Why Should We Work With You?

    • Not to toot our own horn, but if you’re looking to outsource your clients’ work you should work with a company that gets it. We like to think of ourselves as an agency for agencies.

    • In other words, we understand the challenges of running an agency, in particular the production work, and we developed our business to accommodate this effectively.

    • It’s not just about getting work done as quickly as possible.

    • If you have any experience working with companies off-shore you know the many challenges, including time-zone issues, communication issues, lack of intuition (if you don’t spell every detail out, it’s not getting done), multiple mistakes, and just plain not feeling like you’re connected with your team.

    • Not with Driven2020. Because we’ve dealt with these pain points, we built our agency so you truly are working with a partner who plain gets it.

    Let's Talk About Your Outsourcing Needs